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Who’s In Your Circle of Friends

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The reason why so many people are unsuccessful today or haven’t begun their journey to success is that they take the said statement too lightly. Are you one of those people? Maybe you’ve been keeping your fingers crossed and hoping your current friends would wake up and change. You keep giving them chances, yet nothing happens. People rarely change. If they do, it usually takes a tremendous amount of consistent effort to change their habits.

But, did you know that your circle of friends could determine where you’ll be in terms of success?

You might not notice it yet, but take a moment to reflect on your friends’ attitudes, words and actions. It’s best to write them down or type them on a screen so you could see and cast proper judgment.

How do friends influence your life? Observe these three things and you’ll get a clearer idea.

  1. Their opinions when you want to do something different. Is is negative or positive?

  2. Are they happy for you when you win?

  3. You start to act like them.

  4. Are they pushing you forward or pulling holding you back?

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