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It’s All About Solutions

Why have we let problems become so destructive to our lives? In today’s society, we dwell on the problem. When a problem occurs, we tend to fall apart and sink into a deep depression over the littlest thing. We create a huge production over things that really are minor hurdles in our path. And what we should be doing is looking for a solution to the problem. For example, a young woman thinks she has lost her cell phone and instead of calling the phone or using the find me app that will locate the phone she goes into a panic over the lost she thinks she has experienced of her cell phone. And after about 10 minutes of anger, fear, and hopelessness the cell phone rings and she realizes it was in her purse the whole time. If we would just get in the right frame of mind in the beginning of a problem, to think it’s all about solutions we would handle our problems differently.

When a problem occurs, we should immediately say to ourselves what is the solution. This type of rationalization will help prevent the fear and panic that comes with dwelling on every problem. It also will teach us to think outside the box. And with every solution it will help to thrust us into more successful situations.

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