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Money Is The Root of All Evil

How many times have you heard money is the root of all evil? Money and success to do not make you evil. It is what you do with the money and your actions that can be evil. In today’s society, women are making more money and doing exceptional things with it. Women are learning how to handle money more wisely. If you want to build wealth and leave a legacy here are some things you need to do.

  1. Save on vehicles-buy outright opposed to car loans

  2. Save on where you live-get a roommate to share in the cost or rent(more flexibility) opposed to a mortgage just long enough to stock some money away

  3. Cut back expenses-get rid of cable, lose the house phone, take your lunch, do your own hair and nails (I love press on nails), avoid a lot of subscriptions for instance for music and movies

  4. Invest in yourself-start a business

  5. Invest in real estate-purchase residual income property

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