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Are you stuck in the ZONE?

Your comfort zone is the place where you feel safe and confident. Here you have the skills, knowledge and experience you need. You’re not concerned about the risk of failure, being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself by your actions. So why would you want to leave it? Because you know the downside to your comfort zone is it has limitations. If you only ever do what you’re comfortable with, what you know and trust, your life experiences are going to remain the same. However you want to fulfil your potential, live a life of purpose and move on from feeling stuck. For this to happen, you understand that you have to do things beyond what you know and are comfortable with. What is it you want to do that feels like breaking out of your comfort zone? If you visualize it what image comes to mind? Next consider what existing knowledge, skills, personality traits etc. you can draw on to achieve your success. Remember every time you do this, your comfort zone gets larger and your confidence increases.

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