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Great to meet you I'm Tina. 

Have you wondered if there's more to life?

That there's something great in life waiting for you or you have a something yearning inside of you to inspire and make an impact?

A year after dealing with my bout with breast cancer in 2009, I sat at my corporate position I loved but feeling guilty for not being able to take my son to school and not always keeping up with my mommy duties.  I always seemed to have to choose between my career and being a good mom.  For years I struggled with this and then in 2017, a friend said to me why not use your story to help other moms to dream bigger and give them the road map to work-life balance and achieving immeasurable heights.
I'm the balance coach.  I serve career moms who are work and business-driven entrepreneurs. I help them find balance instead of feeling guilty when they want to work and have a family.  I support women to go for what makes them happy.  Through my coaching, moms will feel renewed, relaxed, and rejuvenated as I do now that I have followed these strategies and guidelines. Now, I enjoy the work-life balance every day with my son and husband the loves of my life! 

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